‘Divide – The Relationship Crisis Between Town and Country’

Published March 2022. Available from Waterstones, WH Smith, Blackwells, Foyles and Amazon. You can also order a copy through your local independent bookshop.


“Wow: it’s a stunner. A lively guide through the thorny challenges of rural life in an urban world. Essential reading for both incomer and local” Tom Heap, broadcaster & author of 39 Ways to Save the Planet

“Well written and thought provoking” Sunday Telegraph


“The gulf between the attitudes of her Welsh farming family and the hipsterish city of Bristol has never been more difficult to cross. The author is ideally equipped to investigate the phenomenom…and well-placed to balance the issues.” Country Life magazine

“A timely idea, very well executed…Divide is ultimately an optimistic book, delighting in the merits of both the urban and rural experience at a time of great change.” Juliet Blaxland, author of The Easternmost Sky


I wrote Divide because I spend a lot of time feeling caught in the middle of the urban/rural divide. Farmers talk to me about it all the time – sometimes angrily. My family debate it around the dinner table. In the city, where I live and work, I hear assumptions and stereotypes about country life, which aren’t always true. I play devil’s advocate – trying to help one side see the other’s perspective. To me, the divide is real, and obvious, but it’s never really been delved into. I want to try and change that, and help two very different worlds understand each other better.

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From the publisher KYLE BOOKS:

“Divide is a ground-breaking exploration of the urban and rural cultural division. This book is a plea and a call to action. It warns that unless we learn to accept and respect our social, cultural and political differences as town and country people, we are never going to solve the chronic problems present in our food system and environment. As we stare down the barrel of climate change, only farmers – who manage two thirds of the UK’s landscape – working together with conservation groups can create a healthier food system and bring back nature in diverse abundance. But this fledgling progress is hindered and hamstrung by simplistic debates that still stoke conflict between conservative rural communities and the liberal green movement.Each chapter, from Home and Work, Politics and Diversity to Animals and Food, Environment and Community, explores a different aspect of the urban/rural disconnect, weaving case studies and research with Anna’s personal stories of growing up on a small, upland farm.

A rural affairs journalist, Anna Jones has a unique perspective and insight into the cultural, agricultural and social issues that often divide rather than unite. Having grown up on a sheep farm in the Welsh borders, and later lived in urban settings, her media sensibility sees the reasons why these two disparate sections of society need to respect their differences and recognise each other’s strengths and work together to protect and preserve the land.”



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My journalism career started in newspapers and magazines and I have never stopped writing. It’s always been a passion and I still write freelance articles, blogs and opinion pieces for a range of publications whenever I can, mostly with a countryside and farming flavour.

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