I double up as a producer and presenter, making original and highly creative radio programmes and packages for BBC Radio 4, BBC News, the World Service and BBC Local Radio. I have my own recording equipment (Tascam DR-40) and I’m proficient in a range of editing software (VCS Startrack and Highlander, Audacity, Radioman).

A natural storyteller who thinks outside the box, I inject movement, energy, actuality and colour into everything I produce. I enjoy using television storytelling techniques in radio, which gives my programmes a unique texture and sound.

Presenting plays to different strengths – I love people and pride myself on putting interviewees at ease. I’m a big believer that my job is to get people talking – not do the talking for them.

Click on the captions below to listen to some of my work.

Costing the Earth
Costing the Earth: Tony’s Farm BBC Radio 4. Presented by Anna Jones.
An international group of Nuffield Scholars travel through Africa exploring different types of agriculture. Produced and presented by Anna Jones. Click below for recording.
Rural Communities HRH (Produced by Anna Jones)
On Your Farm: Royal Special (Rural Communities) BBC Radio 4. Produced by Anna Jones.
On Your Farm: Colostrum (nominated for Best Radio Programme at the Fortnum and Mason Food & Drink Awards 2015). Produced by Anna Jones.
On Your Farm: HRH Special (Produced by Anna Jones)
On Your Farm: Royal Special (part one) BBC Radio 4. Produced by Anna Jones.