Anna recording at Olga Downs, AusI double up as a producer and presenter, making original and highly creative radio programmes and packages for BBC Radio 4, BBC News, the World Service and BBC Local Radio. I have my own recording equipment and I can use a range of editing software (VCS Startrack and Highlander, Audacity, Radioman).

A natural storyteller who thinks outside the box, I inject movement, energy, actuality and colour into everything I produce. I enjoy using television storytelling techniques in radio, which gives my programmes a unique texture and sound.

Presenting plays to different strengths – I love people and pride myself on putting interviewees at ease. I’m a big believer that my job is to get people talking – not do the talking for them.

Click on the captions below to listen to some of my work.

Ground Shift: The Farming Revolution (Episode One: Survival) The Compass, BBC World Service. Produced and presented by Anna Jones.
US beef
American beef, hormones and the UK market: Farming Today, BBC Radio 4. Reporter: Anna Jones.

Costing the Earth
Costing the Earth: Tony’s Farm BBC Radio 4. Presented by Anna Jones.
Rural Communities HRH (Produced by Anna Jones)
On Your Farm: Royal Special (Rural Communities) BBC Radio 4. Produced by Anna Jones.
On Your Farm: Colostrum (nominated for Best Radio Programme at the Fortnum and Mason Food & Drink Awards 2015). Produced by Anna Jones.
On Your Farm: HRH Special (Produced by Anna Jones)
On Your Farm: Royal Special (part one) BBC Radio 4. Produced by Anna Jones.