Public Speaking

Nuffield Conference 2017 Bristol

In 2016 I was awarded a Nuffield Farming Scholarship to explore the coverage of farming in the mainstream media. My research took me all over the world and captured people’s imaginations (see blog).

Since then I’ve been delighted to speak at conferences and industry events all over the world. I’ve given talks and keynotes to the New Zealand Guild of Agricultural Journalists, South Dakota Cattlemen’s Association, the National Trust at Countryfile Live, Sentry Farming Conference, National Pig Association and Farming Connect’s Agri-Academy and Women in Agriculture Forum.

I talk about a subject rarely acknowledged in modern society – the urban/rural divide. A ‘disconnect’ that can colour the mainstream media’s coverage of farming and countryside issues.

I’m ‘half town mouse, half country mouse’, balancing farming roots with a career in the metropolitan media, so I can see the pressures on both sides of the fence. I enjoy sharing my perspective with others, sparking discussion and hopefully building a few bridges.

I am available for talks, presentations and guest speaking.


Larry Stomprud, President, South Dakota Cattlemen’s Association: “Anna was our keynote speaker for the 2017 South Dakota Cattlemen’s Association convention.  Eight months later, I still receive accolades from the attendees of her and her presentation.  Although seemingly different with the audience in so many ways, her wit, charm, and message connected with the attendees in a way that many professional speakers only aspire to.  I highly recommend Anna for speaking engagements.  Be prepared to laugh and be challenged.”

Einir Haf Davies, Development and Mentoring Manager, Farming Connect: “Anna is a fantastic public speaker. Each time I’ve heard her speak she has had the audience completely engaged which is why we’ve invited her back again several times. I know people who have heard her speak more than once on the same topic and would still sit and listen to her again and again. She certainly has the ability to inspire and motivate her audience.”

Ian Pigott, Chairman, Sentry Farming Conference: “Anna spoke at the Sentry Conference in 2017.  Her presentation contained everything that a good keynote should; case studies, humour, lessons learnt and a clear, eloquent and absorbing delivery.  However it was during ‘questions’ that Anna showed her true flair.  She challenged the audience’s (somewhat hardened) preconceptions about the media and when her views were disputed she was able to persuade them to think differently. I would highly recommend Anna as a speaker.  She has expertise, gravitas, and an engaging style of delivery….what more could you ask for!” 

Click on the caption below to watch a video of my presentation to the Nuffield Farming Conference. It’s also available on YouTube.

Presenting to the Nuffield Farming Scholarships Trust annual conference in Bristol