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I believe everyone has a story – we just don’t realise it sometimes. And even if we do, approaching the media can be very daunting. I run practical media education workshops for groups of up to 10 people. Each workshop is tailored to your needs so it’s relevant to you and your team.

My Workshops

I’ll help you think like a journalist. I’ll help you understand how the modern media works. I’ll show you why good, honest storytelling is the key to connecting with the media and consumers. I’ll help you find your story and tell it with pride.

If you’re interested in TV and radio – we’ll get hands on with cameras and microphones. If you want to shoot videos on your smartphone or make a podcast – I’ll show you how.

Why book me for a workshop?

JustFarmersSummer-35Because you’re guaranteed to be challenged! My workshops are designed to spark discussion, boost confidence and leave you feeling enthused about telling your own story. It’s about stepping out of your comfort zone in a friendly and supportive environment. You won’t look at the media in the same way again!



1) ‘Make Yourself Heard’ (full day workshop)

A practical, feel-good workshop that will help you get your voice heard in a noisy world. Understanding how the mainstream media works (press, TV and radio), story pitching and editorial judgement, understanding what makes headlines (and why they’re dangerous!), storytelling tips, interview techniques and potential pitfalls. Guaranteed to build confidence, boost positivity and help you get the most out of any interview situation. Led by Anna Jones.

2) ‘Making TV and Radio’ (full day workshop)

A practical, hands-on workshop aimed at understanding TV and radio production, what to expect in a live or pre-recorded situation, the pros and cons of studio and location filming, editing and the ‘cutting room floor’ explained, role play and practical interview exercises.  Led by Anna Jones and a professional camera operator. Includes kit (camera hire and microphones).

3) ‘Make Your Own Content’ (full day workshop)

A creative workshop aimed at giving you the practical skills to generate your own content for the internet and social media. Whether it’s a blog, vlog or podcast we’ll explore different storytelling techniques and the basics of self-shooting, building sequences and editing on your phone or tablet. Led by Anna Jones and a self-shooting Producer/Director. Includes kit hire and editing equipment. Please indicate whether you are more interested in video or audio work.

‘Build Your Own Bespoke Workshop’

If you want to incorporate elements from all three workshops – or have your own ideas – I’m more than happy to discuss your requirements and provide a quote. Just send an email to or call me on 07903 563836.

My social enterprise…


In 2018 I set up a new communications project called ‘Just Farmers’, aimed at connecting the mainstream media to more people at the grassroots of farming. I’ve worked in news and current affairs for many years and farmers have a reputation for being a little closed off and suspicious of us media types! As a farmer’s daughter, I completely understand why.

But I believe we can change that. Thanks to a generous grant from The Frank Parkinson Agricultural Trust, Prince’s Countryside Fund and Mercer Charitable Foundation I recruit small groups of farmers and help build their confidence and communication skills through two media education workshops. In return for four days of fully-funded, practical training, the farmers commit to full openness and transparency. They are listed on our website and agree to be available for interview.  Journalists and programme makers can register with Just Farmers for free and contact the farmers directly. The aim is to bring more diverse farming voices forward and help the media build their rural contacts base. For more information go to 

By working with the media, we can increase the public’s understanding of agriculture.



I met Anna when she ran some brilliant sessions on working with the media for grassroots campaigners in the Midlands.  These were great fun and very hands-on, and Anna brought great energy and humour to the sessions.  More than that, though, she brought relevant experience and insight with her, and offered considerable skill as a trainer.  Feedback from participants for her sessions was universally and enthusiastically positive.  I would not hesitate to work with her again: she is engaging, knowledgeable and happy to work to a clear brief.” Ben Ballin, former co-ordinator, Influencing Change (Midlands) for the Sheila McKechnie Foundation.

Anna Jones is a dynamo creating something out of nothing, something significant that has the potential to rebuild some of the broken bridges between the urban population and the farming community.  I have gained in skills and confidence in terms of communicating with print media, radio, television and social media. As well as this making me fit to be part of Just Farmers, it also equips me to take the marketing of my farm to the next level. I can’t thank Anna enough for the opportunity, and I am so glad that I am involved in this fantastic project.” Kate Daniels, smallholder, Worcestershire

“For me personally the motivation to join was to be able to promote what I do as I’m sick of the negative propaganda that is seen so much online and in the media. I’ve wanted to do this for so long but had no idea how and where to do it, and had a fear of standing out and making a fool of myself.  By communicating more with the media, approaching them rather than waiting to be approached, we can get our story out there, dispelling the myths and fake news before it gets a head start. We farmers have spent too long burying our heads in the sand and hoping nobody asks any questions. I genuinely believe that this project has already shown it has the potential to be a real game changer in our industry, and I believe it will have a real snowball effect.” Charles Goadby, dairy farmer, Warwickshire